Incorrect star formation time step criterion in default model of star formation

From: Leonard Romano <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2021 13:37:55 +0200

Dear gadget-list members,

I noticed that the time step criterion based on the local SFR is
essentially never active.
Digging a bit deeper into the source code I found that the field SFR is
stored in units of Msun/yr,
but for the time step criterion ~ Mgas/SFR the conversion back to code
units seems to never be made.
Maybe I overlooked a conversion back to code units somewhere but if not,
I think this should be fixed.


Leonard Romano, B.Sc.(レオナルド・ロマノ)
Physics Department
Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany
Theoretical Astrophysics Group
Department of Earth and Space Science
Graduate School of Science, Osaka University, Japan
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