local tree nodes cannot be opened during tree walk

From: Leonard Romano <leonard.romano_at_tum.de>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:08:00 +0100


I am currently developing a class in Gadget 4 that makes use of a
neighbor tree
in close analogy to the one for the SPH particles; in fact for the most
part I just
copied and pasted the existing code for the sph particles and made it
suit my own needs.
However, now when I try to run a test problem, it aborts once it wants
to open local tree nodes,
as for some reason "cannot_be_opened_locally" for them is still set to one.
(The corresponding error message is "this should not happen any more")

This is very peculiar, because during "treebuild", the function
"update_node_recursive" should be
called, setting this flag to 0 for those nodes.
Also "tree_initialize_leaf_node_access_info" should do this too for the
top nodes.
What is very strange is that it never calls "report_log_message" at the
end of treebuild,
but just moves on with the simulation so I expect that something must
have went wrong in there.

Does someone have any experience with this kind of error and can help?

Best regards,
Leonard Romano
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