Re: Gadget & Intel parallel threading

From: Volker Springel <volker_at_MPA-Garching.MPG.DE>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 14:31:38 +0100

On 29 Jan 2017, at 21:41, yueh wang <> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Springel ,
> In 2015 I attended a conference for the Intel Parallel Studio Xeon Phi.
> In their brochure they mentioned that Intel sponsored Gadget to include threading in the code to improved parallel performance.
> May I ask this project's status and if it is still going on?

Hi Chih-Yueh,

I'm not exactly sure what this was referring too. But indeed, we are still working on threading support. It is largely completed and we expect to release a new version of the code that supports it in the near future.


> Thank you.
> Chih-Yueh Wang
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