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Subject: ANN: Grackle 3.0 released + method paper
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We are excited to announce the release of Grackle 3.0! The Grackle is
a library for chemistry and radiative cooling in astrophysical
simulations and models.

We are also happy to announce the Grackle method paper, submitted to
MNRAS and available on arXiv today as 1610.09591, viewable here:
All comments welcome. If you use Grackle in your work, please cite
this paper from now on.

Grackle 3.0 uses a totally new API that is not backward compatible
with Grackle 2.x versions. However, the new API is much more flexible
and should allow future development to occur without again breaking
backward compatibility.

Grackle 3.0 comes with a number of new features:

* Support for radiation transfer fields: photo-heating plus HI, HeI,
  and HeII photo-ionization, and H2 photo-dissociation fields.

* Support for field arrays of volumetric and specific heating rates.

* Approximate atomic self-shielding of UV backgrounds.

* Added Case B recombination cooling rates and updated Case A
  recombination rates.

Minor enhancements:

* Updated testing framework.

* Documentation improvements.


* Fixed unit normalization for k4 Case B recombination rate.

* Fixed scaling of low-density H2 cooling rate and use newer H2 LTE
  rate in all appropriate places.

Grackle can be obtained at: https://bitbucket.org/grackle/grackle
The documentation can be found here: http://grackle.readthedocs.io/

Since Grackle 2.0, the Grackle has received contributions from 9

Greg Bryan
Andrew Emerick
Simon Glover
Nathan Goldbaum
Cameron Hummels
Edward Leong
John Regan
Hsi-Yu Schive
Britton Smith

We thank these people for their contributions. Development of Grackle
happens in the open on Bitbucket:
https://bitbucket.org/grackle/grackle. We welcome new contributors.

-The Grackle development team

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