Segmentation Fault error when using PMGrid

From: Collier, Angela <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 16:09:41 -0400

I am using P-Gadget, version '3.0'. and having problems getting the PM
Grid option to run. The error I receive is *signal 11 (Segmentation Fault)*

I run a small IC file of 2 million particles and the following parameters:


BufferSize 50 % in MByte

PartAllocFactor 5.7

I have been incrementally increasing the value of PartAllocFactor (from 1.7
to 3000). For values below 5.7 I get a DecompositionError. For values above
5.7, the code will run for more timesteps as I increase this value before
giving me the Segmentation Fault error.

If I increase this value enough the code will run for the length of the
simulation without giving a segmentation fault error but I am not sure
this is necessary or wise. Using the open source version of Gadget2, the
same ICfile runs the above parameters without segmentation fault.

Is there a parameter or option I am missing that would improve things?

Thank you,

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