Aquila Project Initial Conditions

From: Jared Coughlin <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2015 16:42:55 -0400

Hello! I recently downloaded the sph version of the Aquila project initial
conditions from here:

The note says that the ics are in gadget format with units of 10^10 M_sun
/h, Mpc/h, and km/s. I obtained the cosmological parameters from their

I tried running the Aq-C-6 ics but encountered several problems. First,
gadget told me that it detected incorrect block sizes. I have since
written a code that fixed this and also checked to make sure that the data
itself was untouched by this procedure.

The second problem, however, is that gadget, in the function check_omega in
init.c, is obtaining a value of omega = 2.6e13, when it is supposed to be
.25. I'm fairly certain that this is a units problem, and I was just
wondering if anyone had worked with these ics before?

For cosmology I have:
Omega0 = .25
OmegaLambda = .75
OmegaBaryone = 0.04
HubbleParam = 0.73
BoxSize = 100.0 (This should be in Mpc / h, which is the
unit of length that the Aquila project uses. I got this from Springel et
al. 2008)

For the system of units I have:
UnitLength_in_cm = 3.085678e24
UnitMass_in_g = 1.989e43
UnitVelocity_in_cm_per_s = 1e5

I'm pretty sure this system matches the note on the Aquila project site,
but I could be wrong. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank
you very much!

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