Error 778: failed with adding gas particles

From: Michaela Voth <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 13:25:06 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,
I'm trying to simulate a Cluster with dark matter and gas particles. I
have previously run it with dark matter only and that works fine, but now
i added the gas and i could not make it run. I got an end-of-file error
after the InternalEnergy-Block, although the particle numbers seem to be
right ? Any idea where my IC file may is corrupt? What did I do wrong?

The error occurs in the following way:

reading file `..cluster.dat' on task=0 (contains 110008 particles.)
distributing this file to tasks 0-0
Type 0 (gas): 10000 (tot= 0000010000) masstab=0.12
Type 1 (halo): 100008 (tot= 0000100008) masstab=0.85
Type 2 (disk): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 3 (bulge): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 4 (stars): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0
Type 5 (bndry): 0 (tot= 0000000000) masstab=0

task=0 blocknr=0 bytes_per_blockelement=12 npart=110008
task=0 blocknr=1 bytes_per_blockelement=12 npart=110008
task=0 blocknr=2 bytes_per_blockelement=4 npart=110008
task=0 blocknr=3 bytes_per_blockelement=4 npart=0
task=0 blocknr=4 bytes_per_blockelement=4 npart=10000
I/O error (fread) on task=0 has occured: end of file
task 0: endrun called with an error level of 778

Thanks for any help!
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