Re: forcing domain decomposition after deleting particles

From: David Riethmiller <>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:59:57 -0400

Hi Gadget users -

I'm trying to implement gas accretion onto a central black hole in
Gadget2, in a manner very similar to what others have done here, but
still having problems with the domain decomposition even after I've
applied fixes suggested in several of the archived conversations. My
accretion routine identifies particles to be accreted, switches their
P.Type to -1, then reorders all particles by type 0-5, and updates
NumPart and N_gas locally, and All.TotNumPart and All.TotN_gas on all
procs. This runs happily on one processor, but crashes in parallel
with the error stack:

[ 1] [0xbfffe3c8, 0x16d12000] (-P-)
[ 2] (ompi_convertor_unpack + 0x190) [0xbfffe428, 0x004379f0]
[ 3] (mca_pml_ob1_recv_request_progress + 0x8e1) [0xbfffe518,
[ 4] (mca_pml_ob1_recv_frag_match + 0x905) [0xbfffe5f8, 0x005ef545]
[ 5] (mca_btl_sm_component_progress + 0x296) [0xbfffe728, 0x0070e286]
[ 6] (mca_bml_r2_progress + 0x49) [0xbfffe748, 0x00700a39]
[ 7] (opal_progress + 0xf9) [0xbfffe798, 0x004c8ac9]
[ 8] (mca_pml_ob1_recv + 0x355) [0xbfffe7e8, 0x005ed105]
[ 9] (MPI_Recv + 0x1bd) [0xbfffe858, 0x0045e3ed]
[10] (domain_exchangeParticles + 0x890) [0xbfffe8f8, 0x0001ef82]
[11] (domain_decompose + 0x787) [0xbfffe998, 0x0001d0b2]
[12] (domain_Decomposition + 0x41b) [0xbfffea38, 0x0001c79a]
[13] (run + 0xa7) [0xbfffec38, 0x00002537]
[14] (main + 0x476) [0xbfffecd8, 0x000021e8]
[15] (start + 0x36) [0xbfffecfc, 0x00001d46]
[16] [0x00000000, 0x00000002] (FP-)

It looks like when I run in parallel, there's a problem related to
passing particles among different processors for the domain
decomposition, possibly I've forgotten to update some global variable?

The archived post that most closely matches the problem I'm having is
here: -
the code is even very similar to what I'm using. However, this post
is over a year old, and still appears to be unresolved. Has anyone
solved this issue?


David A. Riethmiller
Ph.D. Candidate, Astrophysical Institute
Ohio University

Clippinger Labs 338
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