change of particle type

From: Luciano del Valle <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:07:28 -0400

Dear Gadget list,

I'm trying to implement the change of types of particles in the way
suggested by Volker Springel. My problem is that although for all the "for (
i = 0; i <N_gas; i + +)" i added an "if (P [i]. Type == 0)" Gadget2 answer
me with problems due to bad "timsteps" for the particles that change the

"Error : A timestep of size zero was assigned on the integer timeline!
We better stop.
Task=0 Part-ID=7061 Part_Indice=617 dt=nan dt_courant=0
dt_displacement=0.01 All.Timebase_interval=4.47035e-06 tibase=4.47035e-06
ti_step=-2147483648 ac=nan xyz=(-3.6471|-7.8643|-0.00861445)

task 0: endrun called with an error level of 818"

In fact if I see the aceleration of these particles is a "nan".
Someone could help me find where I could be find the problem. .I've searched
the places that makes explicit the use of particles of type 0 but can not
find anything.
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