memory allocation issue

From: Romain Charlassier <>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 12:33:52 +0200

Hi all,

I'm trying to run the following simulation with Gadget-2 in Tree-SPH mode
-2x512^3 particles
-box size L=60Mpc/h
-starting at z=30, ending at z=2.2
-smoothing length = 4 kpc/h
-PartAllocFactor = 1.6
-TreeAllocFactor= 0.8
-Buffersize= 30

I'm running it on 200 cores having each 3 Go memory. It perfectly works with 2x(256^3) particles on 64 cores, but in the 512^3 configuration, it fails after several hundreds iterations with the following message:

[vbuf.c 192] Cannot register vbuf region (size 786432)
Infiniband library: Cannot allocate memory
srun: error: platine1026: task8: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

The outputs indicate that it fails around the tree construction or the domain decomposition step. I've tried to play with the three last parameters in the list above ("upgrading" them to 3.0 / 1.2 / 100) without result.

I've checked with valgrind in a much more modest configuration (64^3 particles on 2 cores on my laptop) for anykind of memory leak but everything seems ok from this point of view. Does anyone have a clue on what is going on ?

Thanks in advance,

Romain Charlassier
Post-doc in SPP - CEA Saclay (France)
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