cooling and energy/entropy IO

From: David Riethmiller <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 12:58:06 -0500


I'm a grad student new to Gadget2, still learning the code. A few
things I don't quite understand:

First, why does Gadget take internal energy per unit mass as an input,
convert it to entropy (or technically, an entropic function), track
entropy throughout the run, but then convert back to internal energy for
every data dump? Why not just stick to internal energy, or else use
entropy itself as an input and output?

And a related question - if I want to apply a cooling curve (say,
Sutherland & Dopita 1993), would I be applying the lambda function (as
directly to internal energy, or should it be modified to update entropy


David A. Riethmiller
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