Re: Error When Deleting Particles

From: Sander Valcke <>
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2009 11:16:14 +0100

Hi Dimitry,

if the error you are getting is really the problem you could try
increasing PartAllocFactor in your parameter file. If you are not
running Gadget in parallel I think that it's impossible that the real
error is the memory bounds, because no domain decomposition has to be
done for a single process and if you're able to store N particles, you
should also be able to store N-1. The error should then probably be
somewhere in either deleting the one particle or in the modifying of the
properties of the other.


Dimitry Ayzenberg wrote:
> I'm trying to simulate collisions between non-sph particles by deleting
> one of the colliding particles and changing the properties of the other to
> keep everything physical. Everything seems to be correct and I added this:
> All.NumForcesSinceLastDomainDecomp = 1 +
> All.TreeDomainUpdateFrequency * All.TotNumPart;
> , which Volker Springel suggested to add for someone else who was doing
> something similar. I'm now getting an error that says: "No domain
> decomposition that stays within memory bounds is possible." I tracked this
> error down and it seems to be caused by something to do with the function
> domain_findSplit, which checks if it is possible to split up the
> domain-grid. I have little idea how I would go around fixing this or why
> it is occurring. I'm running this on my own personal computer so it's just
> one processor. Can anyone please help me?
> -Dimitry Ayzenberg
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