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From: Sander Valcke <>
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 10:41:44 +0200

Hi all,

I don't know if it would be possible to just add a softening variable to
the P struct in this case: allvars.h (523):

FLOAT Softening;

I'm not very familiar with the gravity code but it seems that setting
lengths when some code is modified to extend this beyond the sph particles.

the following code is found in forcetree.c (line 585):

if(All.ForceSoftening[pa->Type] > maxsoft)
  maxsoft = All.ForceSoftening[pa->Type];

if this would be encapsulated in an extra ADAPTIVE_GRAVSOFT flag:

<insert code above>
if (pa->Softening > maxsoft)
  maxsoft = pa->Softening;

(or something similar and more general)

a similar change in potential.c lines 108/109, gravtree.c lines 132/133,
forcetree.c lines 585/586, 1158/1159, 1174/1175, 1230/1244, 1455/1456,
1514/1528, 2070/2071, 2140/2154, 2334/2335, 2416/2430 (note: the
two-line pieces of code are identical, as are the 15 line pieces),
timestep.c around 477. Basically at every place where

Then there would just need to be 2 more small additions, for reading and
writing the softening length from and to snapshots in the case

Anyway that's what I make of it : )

kind regards,


Yves Revaz wrote:
> Hi Florian,
> One possibility could be simply to extend the number of type to a value
> higher than 6.
> Unfortunately in the code the number of type is not coded by a constant
> but by
> the number 6, so you will have to change this value in a lot of places
> in the code :-( .
> Then of course, you will have to add new parameters in the gadget param
> file,
> corresponding to the new types (and read them correctly in begrun.c and
> set_softenings in gravtree.c).
> SofteningGas
> SofteningHalo
> SofteningDisk
> SofteningBulge
> SofteningStars
> SofteningBndry
> SofteningXxxx
> etc...
> SofteningGasMaxPhys
> SofteningHaloMaxPhys
> SofteningDiskMaxPhys
> SofteningBulgeMaxPhys
> SofteningStarsMaxPhys
> SofteningBndryMaxPhys
> SofteningXxxxMaxPhys
> etc...
> Be also carefull to the way the snapshot header will be written, as
> npart (and npartTotal)
> will have a larger size.
> I hope it will help,
> yves
> Florian Beutler wrote:
>> hello
>> I am working with a DM halo containing particles with different mass (shell model). I would like to have different softening values for particles with different mass. The softening value is connected to the particle type therefore I am using particle types 1-5 for halo particles (I think these particle types are all collisionless and I can use them all as halo type particles... or am I wrong?). Is there any possibility to extend the particle types to more then 5?
>> thanks and regards
>> Florian Beutler

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