reactivation of SPH particles

From: Meng Xiang-Gruess <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 09:48:47 +0100


I am trying to reactivate SPH-particles before the call of
advance_and_find_timesteps(), after I have deactivated them (by setting
negative IDs) at a certain past time. Now, for these reactivated gas
particles, I can deliver position and velocities. Can somebody tell me,
which additional parameters MUST also be first determined before the
call of advance_and_find_timesteps() does not crash? As far as I have
understood the code needs e.g. Ti_endstep, Ti_begstep, ... and
SPH-parameters such as Entropy, VelPred., HydroAccel...
I thought that at first, a new domain_Decomposition has to be done and a
new tree has to be built. Also the smoothing lengths must be adjusted.
Also the hydro_force should be called again.
Or is there a more easy way to handle the problem?
Thanks for your help,
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