Gadget2/LANL IC test

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 01:18:57 -0400

Hi everyone,
            As a gentle introduction to using the Gadget2 code I've been comparing output from a LambdaCDM cosmological simulation using an initial conditions file from the Cosmic Code Comparison Project (more info: ). These are the same initial conditions files that were used for the cosmological simulations in the Gadget2 code paper.
           The link below contains the results from my simulation using these initial conditions along with some files that may be useful to you, including my best-guess parameter file for the parameters used in the large box cosmological simulation in the Gadget2 code paper and a conversion tool to get the LANL initial conditions file into Gadget format.

Also posted on that link are plots where I compare the results of my large box simulation and the results from final-timestep Gadget2 particle file available from the LANL site for a variety of derived quantities (e.g. P(k), xi(r), halo mass function). Again, I hope these will be useful to anyone thinking of running this test themselves.

            Chris Orban
            Ohio State University

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