Release of Gadget Addon modules...

From: Carsten Frigaard <>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 11:04:29 +0100

Dear All,

I've placed a preliminarily version of my Gadget2 addon tool on

The addons are some analysis modules for extracting the density (or
overdensity), twopoint correlation, power spectrum and massvariance in
spheres from Gadget2 snapshotfiles. It also contains a number of small
snapshotfile utilities, like viewing the header information in a
snapshotfile, etc.

The code is moderably documented, and not yet tested against any
reference data - currently I am searching the net for such reference
data models, with corresponding "correct" interpretation of the data ,
say massvariance in spheres. Does anyone know of such data?

Finally I emphasize, that the code is "in progress", not in final
working condition, but the quality of the some of the modules should
be near production standard. you can view a status on the site
mentioned above.

The source itself is found at

and test data at


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