SPH Glass?

From: Gabriel Altay <galtay_at_andrew.cmu.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:21:38 -0500

Hello everyone,

Im trying to use the public version of Gadget2 to make an SPH glass.
Ive read through the other posts that involve glasses and Ive followed
the recommendations for the Makefile and the parameter file, but Im
getting an error during the first time step when I try to run the code.
see below

type=1 dmean=3125 asmth=976.562 minmass=847.015 a=0.0078125
sqrt(<p2>)=0 dlogmax=inf
displacement time constraint: 0.01 (0.01)

glass-making: dmean= 3125 global disp-maximum= 0 rms= nan

Begin Step 1, Time: 0.00788689, Redshift: 125.793, Systemstep:
7.4388e-05, Dloga: 0.00947662
domain decomposition...
NTopleaves= 127

No domain decomposition that stays within memory bounds is possible.
The fact that dlogmax=inf and rms=nan cant be a good thing.

When I used the same Makefile and parameter file but changed to halo
particles instead of gas particles (by setting the softening lengths to
zero for every particle except halo pars ... is this the correct way to
specify what kind of particles to use? I understand that the initial
conditions file is ignored), the code ran just fine. Has anyone else
encountered problems when making an SPH glass? I suppose a solution
would be to just calculate the smoothing lengths separately after the
halo particles have reached equilibrium, but the earlier posts made it
seem that you could do it all in one step.

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