Barotropic state equation in GADGET

From: Vinogradov Stanislav <vin_at_MAO.Kiev.UA>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:35:41 +0300 (EEST)


I use GADGET for ISM processes modelling, namely
for simulation of molecular clumps colliding with
following gas fragmentation. For this aim the
barotropic equation of state may be used, i.e.
when pressure depend from density only, not from

When I used GADGET v 1.1 (serial version as well as
parallel one), I had been introduce into the code
new function - float GasPressure(float u, float rho)
(internal specific gas energy u - for simple
ideal gas state equation, if it need) and exluded
blocks with du/dt calculation, by preprocessor's

But GADGET v 2.0 handle with 'entropy' instead of
specific internal energy. Therefore I have a small
question: I think, that it's enough to set ISOTHERM_EQS
in Makefile and (again) introduce GasPressure() only?
Am I right?

           With best regards,
                          Stanislav Vinogradov.

Main Astronomical Observatory
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
27, Zabolotnoho St., Kiev, Ukraine.
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