glass making

From: Paul Taylor <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 22:49:56 +0100


   I'm having a bit of difficulty setting up a glass-like system. I
eventually am just making a shock tube; I am assuming that I have to
make the two halves of the tube individually, because they're
different densities, and then just use the coordinates from each to
make the composite tube in a periodic box.
   However, what are the necessary Makefile conditions for making
glass? In addition to the recommended, I have been using -Dperiodic,
-Dsynchronization, -DLong_x,_y,_z, and -Dmakeglass=(number of
particles). I also turned on the PMgrid because the make was giving
me troubles, but that still has not resolved. Also, I am not sure
what the initial conditions file should look like- should I randomly
assign particles? The users-guide says that the value of the
makeglass option 'gives the particle load, which is initially
generated as a poisson sample and then evolved', etc.

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