LCDM_gas simulation aborts in initialization

From: <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 12:34:15 -0700 (MST)

Am trying to run the lcdm_gas simualtion. Runs aborts in initialization with
"reading file '../ICs/lcdm_gas_littleendian.dat on task=0 (contains 65536
distributing this file to tasks 0-0
 ... (then follows listing of types 0-5 particles) ...

I/O error (fread) on task=0 has occured: no such file or directory
task 0: endrun called with an error level of 778

[0] MPI Abort by user Aborting program !
[0] Aborting program!
p0_11987: p4_error: :778 "

Using gdb, problem seems to occur when read_file() in read_ic.c issues
my_fread(CommBuffer, ...) at line 485 and my_fread() in io.c issues and fread()
and gets nread=1 instead of nmemb=32768 and treats this as I/O error and calls

This seems questionable since an EOF can result in a short read (unless nmemb
data had previously been written to file.)

Am running on a single processor (for this run) on an AMD Athlon and Centos 4.1
(Linux) OS. Not using mpirun though mpich is configured and loaded. Using
lcdm_gas_littleendian.dat and lcdm_gas.param files (supplied w/download.)

Have previously run the collisionless galaxy simulations on both single and
multiple processors. But that doesn't use SPH which uses the CommBuffer.

Should I just skip my_fread() and use fread() in initialization code for
CommBuffer? Info fread doesn't seem to distinguish between IO error and EOF
conditions, so is there some way to tell if actual I/O error?


Bob Morgan

Arizona State University


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