Re: run time error

From: Luca Tornatore <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 14:43:32 +0200

Hi Pedro,

it seems a failure due to the function that calculates the peano key.
at a first glance i have no good idea :)
can you add a print before the endrun instrunction (search for 3123123
in domain.c)
just to print out the key that causes the failure?
something like replacing the line
    printf("task=%d: something odd has happened here. bin=%d\n",
ThisTask, bin);
    printf("task=%d: something odd has happened here. bin=%d\n,
startkey=%llu, key=%llu, size=%llu",
              ThisTask, bin, startkey, KeySorted[p], TopNodes[node].Size);

it might be useful also to trace back the coordinates that originates
that key..
just to have an initial guess to start thinking on: more brilliant ideas
are welcome! :)


Pedro Colin ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Does anybody knows what this error mean?
> Begin Step 124315, Time: 6.72635, Systemstep: 5.34058e-05
> domain decomposition...
> task=1: something odd has happened here. bin=11
> task 1: endrun called with an error level of 13123123
> The code is running in a dual opteron.
> Pedro Colin
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