"maximum number [number] of tree-nodes reached"

From: Joerg Colberg <astro_at_jmcolberg.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 08:08:43 -0500

Hi guys,

   I've just started working with Gadget for the very first
time, using a supercomputer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputer
Center, and I'm having some initial and probably utterly
trivial problems. I'm assuming I didn't set all the parameters
right, but I'm afraid I don't know which one(s) cause(s) the
   I'm trying to run a 2*128^3 gas run on 64 procs, and right
at the start of the code the whole thing stops telling me:

"domain decomposition...
NTopleaves= 54272
work-load balance=1.00932 memory-balance=1.00932
exchange of 0004129449 particles
task 59: maximum number 68812 of tree-nodes reached.
for particle 24990"

(there appears to be one such error for each proc)

What did I do wrong?

Dr. Joerg M. Colberg
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Physics and Astronomy
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15213

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