From: Pedro Colin <p.colin_at_astrosmo.unam.mx>
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 14:35:21 -0500

Hi Volker,

Halos from a 1 Mpc/h box size simulation stopped at z=0.25 have a systematically high vrms;
for example, the most massive halo at this time has a vrms(3d)= 83.1 km/s or so while
Vmax=40.6 km/s (where Vmax is the maximum circular velocity). I also run this simulation with
ART using the same ICs and found a lower vrms=47 km/s or so for the same halo. Density profiles,
on the other hand, look similar. Do you have any idea why I am getting these high values of vrms?



Dr. Pedro Colin
Investigador Titular A
CRyA, UNAM, Morelia, Mich.
Received on 2005-06-09 23:04:54

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