sincos function

From: Wolfgang Kapferer <>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 14:03:33 +0200

Hi Fabrice,

the function you are missing is described at the official Webpage of the
GNU C Lib.

I copied the corresponding text:

 From the Edition 0.10, last updated 2001-07-06, of The GNU C Library
Reference Manual, for Version 2.3.x of the GNU C Library

In many applications where sin and cos are used, the sine and cosine of
the same angle are needed at the same time. It is more efficient to
compute them simultaneously, so the library provides a function to do that.
This function is a GNU extension. Portable programs should be prepared
to cope with its absence.

Maybe you have a glibc, which has not this function build in. There are
some reports in the web of the function sincos missing, in some
slackware, debian and other distributions.

Maybe you should download a newer version of gcc or switch to another
compiler (as Tornatore mentioned).

Hope this helps

Wolfgang Kapferer

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