Re: variable particle number

From: Eugene P. Kurbatov <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 16:45:30 +0400

>> I already did it. Moreover, only live particles are stored in
>> PTimeTree. The most hard work in this task is inserting and removing
>> particles to/from the tree and updating tree after...
> actually inserting/removing and updating sounds to be an hard
> time-consuming task.

The nodes are already updated in every time step. Inserting/removing
actually are loops along one branch from root to leaf. It sounds not
too hard. :)

>> Of course I'll take care about conservation laws.
> in sum, as far as i understand and ignoring physical issues, if you take
> care, as you do, about conservation laws, time-stepping when
> re-inserting particles and technicalities about trees and PM
> calculations.. no "problem" should arise :)

Theoretically... But practice and theory are different in practice. :)

> good luck.

huh :)
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