ICM physics and modelling

October 8-10, 2018

A Joint Workshop of the Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Garching, Germany

Being the diffuse medium in the largest virialized structures in the Universe, intracluster medium (ICM) is a unique laboratory for physics ranging from the largest scales in our Universe down to the scale of particle interactions. On the scale of galaxy clusters, gravity is the dominating force which leads to nearly universal thermodynamical profiles of the ICM and enables galaxy clusters to be a useful probe for cosmology. At the same time, ICM exhibits rich phenomena at all scales such as turbulence, magnetic-fields, cosmic rays, radio halos, radio relics, cold fronts, cool cores, and energy injection from black holes. To understand them fully we may need to treat the ICM in its full complexity, as a magnetized, weakly collisional plasma.

The program will consist of three sessions: "ICM in surveys" (Day 1), "Structures in the ICM" (Day 2), and "Feedback, Turbulence and ICM microphysics" (Day 3).

The primary goals of the workshop are to
1) identify emerging scientific opportunities and outstanding challenges on ICM physics and modeling,
2) develop new collaborations among participants,
3) draft one or more science white papers for the Astro2020 decadal survey on cluster astrophysics and cosmology.

There will also be four panel discussions aimed at exchanging opinions on the following questions:
1) What is the current status of the field (state of the art)?
2) What are the MAJOR unsolved questions?
3) What would be transformational observations, simulations or theoretical developments?
4) What can be done in the near future (also as a collaboration)?
5) Will it be helpful to summarise our opinions on the above question in a form of a White Paper?
Panelists will give a brief presentation to share their thoughts and views on the above questions, followed by general discussions and inputs from the audience.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Hans Boehringer
  • Gayoung Chon
  • Eugene Churazov
  • Klaus Dolag
  • Ildar Khabibullin
  • Eiichiro Komatsu
  • Joseph Mohr
  • Tony Mroczkowski
  • Daisuke Nagai
  • Xun Shi
  • Congyao Zhang
  • Local Support

  • Paola Andreani
  • Maria Depner
  • Sonja Gruendl
  • Andra Stroe
  • Eelco van Kampen
  • Eiichiro Komatsu
  • Luca Di Mascolo
  • Ildar Khabibullin
  • Tony Mroczkowski
  • Xun Shi
  • Congyao Zhang

  • This workshop is generously hosted by ESO at the newly-built ESO Supernova and supported by MPA.
    We are fully committed to the Code of Conduct accepted for ESO&MPA Workshops & Conferences.