Pictures showing density plots and movies of the Virgo simulations.

All of the materials in this page were made by Joerg Colberg. The reference to the Virgo simulations: Jenkins et al, 1998 Astophysical Journal,499,20-40

Standard CDM

Lambda CDM

Open CDM


Virgo simulations -model comparison-

The pictures below show projected mass distributions in slices of the Virgo simulation boxes. The first one has 12 panels, 3 different redshifts in a row for each model. Thus in this picture we see the time evolution of structures along the horizontal sequence in each model as well as the model difference at the same epoch along the vertical sequence.
The second picture is a comparison of the 4 models at redshift 0, which is equivalent to a collection of 4 figures in one column in the first picture. The third picture at redshift 1 and the fourth at z=3.

Pictures are downloadable in the original sizes in various format. If you would like to download these pictures,

4-models PS format / GIF / JPEG

redshift0 PS format / GIF / JPEG

redshift1 PS format / GIF / JPEG

redshift3 PS format / GIF / JPEG

3D plot

This picture shows an isodensity contour at mean density of an eighth of the LCDM GIF box (i.e. the volume is (70.5 Mpc/h)3). This is one single object - all other and smaller objects have been removed (the code assumed periodic boundaries). This object fills only about 10% of the volume but contains more than 80% of the mass in the volume. In order to enhance structure the density field has been smoothed adaptively.
This MOVIE shows huge empty regions (the voids), long filaments and even some sheets.

Credit: Joerg Colberg

This picture was produced by the same technique, but here the complete tCDM box (size (85 Mpc/h)3) at an overdensity of 2 is shown. Note how nicely it percolates! This object contains roughly half the mass in the box but has only 4% of the volume!
3d-picture2 gif/ps/jpeg
Credit: Joerg Colberg

Movies -the cosmic voyage-

Enjoy virtual fly-through! in one of our GIF simulation boxes.

Fly-through II -galaxies-
The same fly-through, but here shown are only the galaxies. They are colour coded according to B-V band.

Cosmic foam
The picture shows an isodensity contour in one of the GIF simulation boxes.

Cluster formation
The above picture shows formation of a galaxy cluster in the tCDM GIF simulation. (Starting redshift 20.0)
The formation of the same cluster, starting at a redshift of 2.5, using a 3D representation can be obtained here.

Constrained realization
A Constrained Realization of the Local Universe with about 30 million particles.

Zoom in
Zooming in to the central region of tCDM GIF simulation box.

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