Matching of DR4 to HST data

This page contains (links to) four files correlating DR4 and the HST exposure time catalogue. Note however that there are several caveats below which should be taken into account - especially for the matching to the spectroscopic data.

Spectroscopic targets with HST observations

First there are two files correlating the spectroscopic data housed herein with all HST exposures from 1993 to the present (the catalogue used was complete up to 1st of March 2005 according to the MAST page, starting with 1993.

For each HST exposure the field-of-view of the instrument was used to define a radius. This was taken to be sqrt(2) times half the side-length of the FOV (the average where the FOV was rectangular) to allow for rotation. In other words, rotation was not taken rigorously into account. Thus there are quite likely a few matches that in reality are on the edge or just outside the field of view of the image. Also for WFPC-2 observations, the FOV was assumed square so there is a approximately 20% chance that any WFPC-2 matches are not real.

The total number of matches is 52 - so of course it would be possible to check everything by hand, but the preview function in the archives isn't usually good enough for this so this has not been done. Hopefully this is anyway a good starting point for those that would want to know and I will be very happy to receive corrections!

The two files are:

Matching of the entire SDSS DR4 to the HST Exposure Time Catalogue

The previous is the most useful information when using the galaxy sample, but in many other situations you might either want to know whether an HST observation has SDSS imaging or whether a particular SDSS image has further HST information. This is achieved by the files included here.

What I did to construct these files was to interrogate the DR4 Footprint server for each position in the HST Exposure Catalogue. Thus this list is an underestimate of the total number of intersections of the SDSS with the HST exposure time catalogue, because HST observations with their center outside the FOV of an SDSS image are not included. This shouldn't be a huge effect though!

So, the files:

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