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Catalogue of 12 + Log O/H


This catalogue contains estimates for 12 + Log O/H obtained from the model fits discussed by Brinchmann et al (2004) and Charlot et al (2005 - in preparation). See Tremonti, C. A., et al, (2004) , "The Origin of the Mass--Metallicity Relation: Insights from 53,000 Star-Forming Galaxies in the SDSS" for details about these determinations and comparison with the literature.

About the catalogue

The catalogue contains all galaxies we have examined in the DR4. It is thus a super-set of the galaxies used in Tremonti et al (2004). The values of 12 + Log O/H for galaxies outside the selection criteria discussed by Tremonti et al (2004) are not guaranteed to be reliable.

O/H values

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