Millennium Mock Lightcones

Mock catalogs generated from Semi Analytic galaxy formation models using galaxy merger trees derived from the Millennium DM N-body simulation with the following parameters:

Cosmology: Ωm = 0.25, ΩΛ = 0.75, Ωb = 0.045, h = 0.73, σ8=0.9, n=1
Boxsize: 500 Mpc/h
Particle number: 21603 = 10.077.696.000
Particle mass: 8.60657 x 108Msun/h
Softening length: 5 kpc/h
Starting redshift: zstart = 127

For the Semi-Analytics the magnitude limit is about -15 in absolute B magnitudes (given by the minimum size of DM haloes in the simulation).

Mock lightcones for two different multi-wavelength surveys and SDSS available: