The following pages make available images, numerical data and code associated with the numerical cosmology programmes carried out by MPA scientists and their collaborators. All material is freely available, but if you use it, please ensure that proper credit is given. Files attached to each image, dataset, or programme summarise its origin, those responsible for reproducing it, and published papers which describe it in more detail. The latter should be cited when using the material. Some of the numerical datasets are very large. Take care when down-loading those which are still small enough to be transferred over the Net. Many are too big for this to be feasible. They can be made available in various formats at a nominal cost which we impose to avoid frivolous orders. Please contact the Site Administrator of this site for details, or for questions about any of the material.

Virgo Consortium Simulations

Galaxy formation and evolution

High resolution simulations using GADGET

___MHD simulations of clusters

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