Name Institute Title of talk
Arcones, Almudena TU Darmstadt Nucleosynthesis in supernovae and neutron star mergers
Badjin, DimitryITEP, Moscow Generation of high-energy gamma-rays in magnetar powered supernovae, their heating efficiency and observational signatures
Blinnikov, Sergei ITEP, Moscow Paths to superluminous supernovae
Bollig, RobertMPA No Talk
Calder, Alan Stony Brook University Systematic effects on the brightness of Type Ia supernovae that follow from properties such as age and composition of the progenitor white dwarf
Dhawan, SuhailESO A reddening-free estimate of the 56Ni mass of Type Ia supernovae
Diehl, RolandMPE Gamma-ray lines from SN2014J
Edelmann, Philipp HITS, Heidelberg Dynamical shear instabilities in massive stars
Ertl, ThomasMPA Core-collapse supernovae across the stellar mass range
Fernandez, Rodrigo UC, Berkeley Outflows from NS merger remnant disks: EM emission and nuclesynthesis
Flörs, AndreasESO Nebular phase of SN Ia
Foglizzo, Thierry CEA, Saclay The impact of asymmetric instabilities during the collapse of a rotating stellar core
Fujimoto, Shin-ichiro National Inst. Technology, Japan Nucleosynthesis in core collapse supernovae based on 2D hydrodynamic simulations
Gabler, Michael MPA No talk
Glas, RobertMPA No talk
Glazyrin, Semyon ITEP, Moscow Spontaneous deflagration to detonation transition in supernovae Ia
Göbel, Kathrin Goethe University Frankfurt Neutron captures beyond standard s-process temperatures
Görres, Joachim University of Notre Dame 22Ne(alpha,n) revisited
Harada, AkiraUniversity of Tokyo Systematic study of the acoustic mechanism for core-collapse supernovae
Herwig, Falk University of Victoria, Canada Simulations and observations of the i-process nucleosynthesis in multiple stellar sites
Hillebrandt, WolfgangMPA No talk
Hirschi, RaphaelKeele University SHYNE project
Janka, ThomasMPA No talk
Iyudin, AnatolyMoscow State Univ. The spatial distribution of 44Ti and other elements in Cas A and other SNRs known to be the result of a core-collapse
Jones, Samuel HITS, Heidelberg Evolution of stars in the Bermuda Triangle mass range (between 8 and 12 solar masses)
Just, OliverMPA Can neutrinos launch jets of short GRBs
Kazeroni, RemiCES Saclay The development of neutrino-driven convection in core-collapse supernovae: 2D vs 3D
Kozyreva, Alexandra Keele University Fast evolving pair-instability supernovae
Kromer, MarkusStockholm University What can we learn from UV spectra of Type Ia supernova
Leibundgut, BrunoESO The distance to the type IIP supernova SN2013eq
Melson, TobiasMPA Exploring the explosion mechanism of core-collapse supernovae in three dimensions
Michel, AronHITS, Heidelberg Gravitational settling of 22Ne in sub-Chandrasekhar models of Type Ia Supernovae
Müller, BernhardQueen's Univ. Belfast A simple approach to the supernova progenitor-explosion connection
Müller, EwaldMPA No talk
Nagataki, ShigehiroRIKEN, Japan Astrophysical big bangs: from SNe to SNRs
Nöbauer, UlrichMPA Super-luminous SNe Ia: interaction powered?
O'Connor, Evan North Caroline State Univ. Two dimensional core-collapse supernova explosions aided by general relativity with multidimensional neutrino transport
Ohlmann, SebastianHITS Heidelberg Simulations of common envelope phases in binary stellar evolution
Pakmor, Rüdiger HITS, Heidelberg SNe Ia from WD mergers
Primas, Francesca ESO Sodium abundances in GCs - constraining the nature of the polluters
Rahman, NinoyMPA No talk
Rauscher, Thomas University of Basel Theory uncertainties in modeling nucleosynthesis beyond Fe
Reifarth, ReneGoethe University Frankfurt Nuclear astrophysics in ion storage rings
Röpke, FriedrichHITS Heidelberg No talk
Schaffenroth, Veronika Univ. Innsbruck Observation of the runaway HD271791: nucleosynthesis in a core-collapse supernova
Serenelli, AldoICE/CSIC-IEEC, Bellaterra Solar models and neutrinos
Shingles, LukeQueen's Univ. Belfast Nebular-phase radiative transfer in Type Ia supernovae
Siegert, ThomasMPE Positron annihilation in the Milky Way
Sim, StuartQueen's Univ. Belfast Probing the geometry of thermonuclear supernovae with spectropolarimetry
Summa, AlexanderMPA Progenitor-dependent explosion dynamics in self-consistent, axisymmetric simulations of neutrino-driven core-collapse supernovae
Suwa, Yudai MPA From supernovae to neutron stars
Taubenberger StefanMPA No talk
Thielemann, Friedrich University of Basel Simulating multiple X-ray bursts: on the way to superbursts
Utrobin, Victor ITEP, Moscow Light curve analysis of type IIP supernovae using neutrino-driven explosion simulations
Vogl, ChristianMPA SN Type IIP spectral synthesis with Tardis
Weiss, AchimMPA The tip of the giant branch and the importance of nuclear physics
Wongwathanarat, AnnopRIKEN, Tokyo Long-time simulations of CCSNe and development of a new hydrodynamics code for astrophysical simulationsTBD
Woodward, Paul Univ. of Minnesota 3-D hydrodynamic simulations of a low-Z AGB helium shell flash with hydrogen ingestion
Wu, Meng-Ru TU Darmstadt Nucleosynthesis in ejecta of compact binary mergers
Zingale, MikeStony Brook University Models of convection in X-ray bursts and pre-SNe Ia white dwarfs