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The Cosmic Evolution of Helium and Hydrogen

March 24 - 27, 2009
Ringberg Castle, Germany

The reionization of the helium and hydrogen in the intergalactic medium is intimately linked to the development and evolution of luminous sources throughout cosmic time.  In recent years, hydrogen reionization in particular has received a great deal of attention both theoretically and observationally, leading to significant advances in our understanding of the complex and varied processes at work in the intergalactic medium above z ~ 6.  Of equal interest, however, is the reionization of the second most abundant chemical element in the Universe, which is expected to be completed around z ~ 3.  Analogies between the two eras abound, yet significant quantitative differences are also expected.  The aim of this meeting is to bring researchers in both fields together to focus on the synergies and contrasts in studies of hydrogen and helium reionization.

Invited speakers:

Jasjeet Bagla, Joanna Dunkley, Cora Fechner, Andrea Ferrara, Ilian Iliev, Matthew McQuinn, Avery Meiksin, Masami Ouchi, Emma Ryan-Weber, Joop Schaye, Jennifer Scott, Rashid Sunyaev (TBC), Stuart Wyithe, Saleem Zaroubi

Topics covered:


- Atomic physics

- Numerical simulations

- Semi-analytic models

- Sources of reionization


- Hyperfine transition lines

- CMB (temperature and polarization anistotropies)

- QSOs (absorption lines, proximity effect...)

- Ly-alpha emitters

- UV background

- Metals

Scientific Advisory Committee:

G. Becker, J. Bolton, B. Ciardi (chair), C. Fechner, S. Furlanetto, L. Hernquist,
A. Maselli, R.B. Metcalf, M. Ouchi, X. Prochaska, M. Shull & S. White

Local Organizing Committee:

 J. Bolton, B. Ciardi, M. Depner, G. Kratschmann, A. Maselli, R.B. Metcalf & S. White

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