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The MPA/ESO/MPE/USM 2007 Joint Astronomy Conference

Gas Accretion and Star Formation in Galaxies

10-14 September 2007

Garching bei München, Germany

This meeting addresses the following question: How does gas get into galaxies and what are the processes that regulate the rate at which it then turns into stars? The conference will bring together both theoreticians and observational astronomers working at different wavelengths, using different techniques, both at low and at high redshifts. A list of topics to be addressed in the conference is as follows:

1) HI observations of gas in and around nearby galaxies.

2) The relation between atomic and molecular gas.

3) Insights into the gas-star cycle in galaxies
from new pan-chromatic data sets.

4) Theoretical models and empirical constraints
on the global efficiency with which gas is converted into stars in galaxies.

5) Gas inflow mechanisms.

6) Feedback processes in galaxies.

7) The nature of the WHIM. Does gas cool from the hot phase? Insights from

8) Physical constraints on gas in the vicinity of galaxies
from quasar absorption lines.

9) Star formation in high redshift galaxies.

10) The relation between star forming and outflowing gas in high redshift galaxies.

11) The nature of high redshift Ly-alpha clouds.

12) Looking towards ALMA and other future facilities.

Scientific Advisory Committee:

Jacqueline Bergeron (IAP), Andi Burkert (MPIA), Chris Carilli (NRAO), Francoise Combes (ObsPM), Andy Fabian (IoA), Reinhard Genzel (MPE), Ortwin Gerhard (MPE), Tim Heckman (JHU), Guinevere Kauffmann (MPA), Rob Kennicutt (IoA), Eliot Quataert (Univ. of California, Berkeley), Piero Rosati (ESO), Renzo Sancisi (INAF), Ken Sembach (STScI), Mike Shull (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder), Ian Smail (Durham), Jonathan Tan (ETH, Zurich)

Local Organizing Committee:

Guinevere Kauffmann (MPA), Dimitri Gadotti (MPA), Maria Depner (MPA), Julius Donnert (MPA), Cornelia Rickl (MPA), Peter Buschkamp (MPE), Elisabetta Valiante (MPE), Nicolas Bouche (MPE), Emilio Donoso (MPA), Mario Schweitzer (MPE), Celine Eminian (Univ. of Sussex)

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