Conference Overview

Galaxies are surrounded by extended halos of stars, gas and dark matter. The stars appear to be debris from accreted dwarfs. The gas flows both in and out, forming hydrostatic atmospheres in massive systems. The dark matter dominates the overall mass budget, providing the gravitational context for the growth and evolution of the central galaxy. Recent observations have shed light on all these components: resolved star studies and low surface brightness photometry on the stellar halo; UV absorption, X-ray emission, and stacked 21cm and SZ measurements on circumgalactic gas; and galaxy-galaxy lensing and dynamical studies based on a variety of tracers on dark matter halos. In our current paradigm for structure formation, the three kinds of halos interact strongly and play an important role in shaping the galaxies we see. This conference aims to bring together observers and theorists in the broad range of areas providing insight into the physical mechanisms governing these galaxy-halo connections.


• Measuring the mass and structure of dark halos and their link to the central object

• Gaseous halos: inflows, outflows and quasi-static atmosphere

• Abundances in halos and circumgalactic gas and their relation to chemical evolution of the central galaxy

• Stellar halos, intracluster light and accreted versus in situ stars

• The relation of halos of all kinds to galaxy scaling relations
    • for disks
    • for elliptical galaxies

• Halos as clues to the galaxy formation process

• The co-evolution of DM halos and their central galaxies

Scientific Organising Committee

Laura Sales (co-chair)
Guinevere Kauffmann (co-chair)
Simon White (co-chair)
Hans Boehringer
Romeel Dave
Eric Emsellem
Annette Ferguson
Carlos Frenk
Leon Koopmans
Rachel Mandelbaum
Julio Navarro
Xavier Prochaska
Debora Sijacki
Chuck Steidel
Frank van den Bosch

The SOC members will give a coordinated series of overview talks describing the current state of the field, will identify speakers and topics for invited targeted talks describing major recent developments, and will select contributed talks and posters from the abstracts submitted.

Invited Speakers for Targeted Talks

Matt Auger, Akos Bogdan, Michele Capellari, Alis Deason, Aaron Dutton, Ortwin Gerhard, Andrey Kravtsov, Mike Kuhlen, Nicolas Martin, Jean-Baptiste Melin, Brice Menard, Andrew Pontzen, Kate Rubin, Jason Tumlinson, Malin Velander, Simona Vegetti, Mark Vogelsberger

Local Organising Committee

Laura Sales, Richard D'Souza, Chervin Laporte

Image Credits: Andrew Cooper & John Helly, Rob Crain, Avishai Dekel

The Physical Link between Galaxies and their Haloes
Garching bei München
24-28 June 2013