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MPA Cosmology Seminar


MPA New Lecture Hall, Tuesdays at 11:00

In each seminar there are typically two talks of 30 min each (25 min of presentation followed by 5 min of discussion). Other schedules may be arranged upon request. If you are interested in giving a talk, then please contact Simona Vegetti , Kari Helgason or Alex Barreira .

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Feb 6 - -
Jan 30 - -
Jan 23 - -
Jan 16 - -
Jan 9 - -
Jan 2 Holidays break Holidays break
Dec 26 Holidays break Holidays break
Dec 19 - -
Dec 12 Henrique Rubira (Uni. Sao Paulo) : Renormalized Halo Bias Measurements in Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structure -
Dec 5 - -
Nov 28 George Angelou (MPA): Stellar Parameters in an instant with machine learning -
Nov 21 Marco Celoria (Gran Sasso) : Dark energy, massive gravity and the cosmology of self-gravitating media Zvonimir Vlah (CERN) : Including stream crossing in Lagrangian perturbation theory
Nov 14 Peter Mitchell (Lyon): The physics driving the star formation rates of star-forming galaxies -
Nov 7 Giulia Despali (MPA): Constraining dark matter models with substructure lensing Naonori Sugiyama (IPMU): Will Kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Measurements Provide Additional Scientific Return from Galaxy Redshift Surveys?
Oct 31 Holiday - No talks -
Oct 24 Boris Bolliet (University of Manchester): Dark Energy From the tSZ Power Spectrum Chervin la Porte (Columbia University): The Influence of Sagittarius and the Large Magellanic Cloud on the Milky Way Galaxy
Oct 17 William Coulton (Princeton): New insights into cluster astrophysics from the cosmic microwave background bispectrum Victoria Yankelevich (AlfA, University of Bonn): Cosmology with the Euclid Galaxy Bispectrum
Oct 10 Ogiya Go (Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur): What sets the central structure of dark matter haloes? Alexander Wiegand (MPA): Probing higher-order correlations in SDSS III with Minkowski Functionals
Oct 3 No talk: public holiday -
Sept 26 David Martinez-Delgado (Heidelberg University): Ultra-deep imaging in the nearby Universe: streams, satellites and ultra-diffuse galaxies -
Sept 19 Anastasia Fialkov (CfA Harvard): Signals from Cosmic Dawn -

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