IRAM 30m telescope

From gas to stars

To better understand the connection between atomic and molecular gas and star formation, we are conducting COLD GASS, a large program at the IRAM 30m telescope.

This project builds upon the multi-wavelength data set accumulated by the Galex Arecibo SDSS Survey (GASS) - a survey designed to measure the atomic hydrogen content for an unbiased sample of 1000 massive galaxies with SDSS optical spectra and GALEX UV imaging.

Using the IRAM 30m telescope, we have obtained accurate and homogeneous molecular gas masses for a subset of 350 galaxies from the GASS sample. The data will allow us to understand the balance between atomic and molecular gas in nearby galaxies, and how these gas properties scale with other global galaxy properties such as stellar masses and star formation rates.

Some highlights from COLD GASS were featured on the MPA website in October 2011. Read the article here.

NEWS! September 2012 : the full COLD GASS catalog, including all galaxies observed as part of the survey, is now available on the Data page, along with the individual spectra in both ascii and fits format.